Detailed Explanation of Rule 8

If there are children by the first spouse but none by later spouses -- the usual situation --
the normal time order rules would put these later spouses far down the listing, after the last descendant
of the first spouse. In order to avoid orphaning these spousal names unduly and making the table
less readable, we adopt the following conventions:

1. If no children are produced with a spouse, the spouse's name may be surrounded by bold parentheses
and placed immediately under the previous spouse. This notation is only needed when there are children
by the first spouse; the parentheses cut off the later spouse from any connection to the children
further down the list.

2. If there are children by both spouses, then normal time order rules must apply -- this occurs three times
in the table, with William Rogan Jr. in Generations 1-3, with Thomas Rogan in Zone A1, and Crystal Shewchuk in Zone C2.

An example of each situation is given below.

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Example I: All Patricia's children are by Alex, but we would rather not strand Robert and Alfred's names
60 lines below, under all Alex's descendants.

Patricia Rogan 
Alex Wickham 
(Robert Rabaey) 
(Alfred Meek) 
 Patricia Wickham
 Richard Wickham

Example II: Thomas has one son by each wife.

Thomas Rogan 
Rose Harvey 
 Joseph Rogan
Marjanca Kolesa 
 Janko Rogan